pARTicipate is an event enabling a loose community of friends to gather and experience art and the creative process. pARTicipate is one of the most interactive art parties around, and is unlike anything else in SF. An outgrowth from years of friendship and artistic collaboration between myself and my bud Stuart Sheldon - pARTicipate is a celebration of art in many manifestations, it exposes affordable work from emerging visual artists to adventurous collectors, introduces new music and builds community among folks with unique sensibilities a little left of center.

Most importantly, pARTicipate is predicated on a group art project that every guest is encouraged to contribute to in their own way. This project later becomes a large mixed media installation we auction off to local non-profits...but not just any kind of non-profit, only those that cultivate or enable kids in SF to experience art and the creative process.

It's my personal belief that San Francisco is the best city in the world - and there's no place I'd rather be. One reason for this, in my opinion, is the wealth of creativity our town possesses - pARTicipate is my humble attempt to keep art a vibrant and evolving part of the place I'll always call home.

With your help, pARTicipate has raised over $6,000 for great charities like ArtSpan's 'Art for Inner City Youth' program and 826 Valencia, a non-profit that sponsors children's literacy and creative writing activities.

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