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I enjoy performing at select weddings and special events. Please understand that I'm not a conventional 'DJ' in this sense though, I only play for people if my taste in music is a natural complement for what you're looking for. Selecting a DJ for an event can be a challenge if you've never done it before - and I'm happy to help you find the right one if it's not feel free to get in touch with me just to chat.

Here's a sample of what some people have said about me...

"Music is central to our lives, so we were extremely picky in selecting a DJ. Jim was the only DJ who asked us about our day to day musical preferences just to get a sense of what our style is and who we are. That was a telling preview of how thoughtful he would be in choosing the right music for our wedding." - Xiao-Wei and Alan

"What I loved most about Jim was the conversations we had about planning the music. We shared our favorite songs and albums, and he really understood our taste in music. At the reception, he was able to read the crowd and play the perfect song at the perfect moment." - Kim and Eddie

"Jim is both a professional and an artist. We put our complete trust in him and he was absolutely fantastic. Words cannot do justice to his skills, so listen to his mixes." - Joanie and Brian

"We gave Jim a sense of the atmosphere we were trying to create as well as a little information on our musical tastes and he was able to translate that into 5 hours of continuous music that set a perfect tone - he was definitely in control, but subtle and cool. We had several people remark on how much they enjoyed his music. What a great, flexible DJ." - Angela and Carlos

Thanks for the kind words happy couples.

Contact me at (415) 341-5674 or

It's also a challenge to find the right people to help with your wedding or special event. If you're looking for professional, creative people to help with out, look no further than these fine folks:
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